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How to wash soft-shell?

Commonly used stormtrooper clothing is mainly reflected in the cold and waterproof features. General charge clothing is: PU waterproof coating + joint pressure adhesive. PU waterproof coating refers to the treatment of a layer of waterproof coating (PU polyurethane) attached to the fabric on the clothing surface. The coating thickness varies according to the needs. This waterproof coating is widely used in defense, automotive, construction, furniture, even the lining of fire hose are PU polyurethane coating. It has been proved that a good PU coating will not leak and will keep warm.

The rubber pressing for the clothing is mainly aimed at the stitching and seam of the clothing, afraid of PU coating is easy to break, seepage of the special rubber pressing treatment, generally is to use a professional rubber pressing machine and rubber strip in the joint for high temperature glue, seal all joints, further prevent the occurrence of leakage, leakage of water. Its disadvantage is the clothing breathable, the wind resistance performance is not good. So, for impermeable stormtroopers, how can you wash them without damaging their life span? Omani professional custom consultants to tell you: how to wash the stormcoat will not damage the life of extended use time?

water temperature: it's best to wash by hand in 40 degree water. Wash with water below 40 ° c and appropriate amount of costume powder by machine or hand. Separate washing is required during machine washing. Brush gently with soft brush for hand washing.