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How to choose workwear for construction workers?

For working people, it makes sense to choose a nice and practical uniform. Overalls can help regulate temperature, cover the skin, in order to achieve waterproof, fire, thermal radiation, anti-virus, anti-animal bite purposes. It can be said that the choice of work clothes is directly related to human health.

To the people who work with high temperature condition, fight heat radiation quantity below high temperature circumstance especially, should ruler, the overalls that wear when working under high temperature condition should accept white or light color only, cloth wants thick and soft. Other, work perspire much below high temperature, some people be fond of the upper body is shirtless, do not wear overalls, so can cause heat radiation to burn the skin, make the skin is hot and dry, low come loose heat effect. It can also cause body injuries. Should ruler work below high temperature not only should wear overalls, still should wear thicker long sleeve overalls and trousers, and wear gloves to even face mask, protective foot cover.

Plate workers are often between the plate, the need to stop work clothes by plate entanglement, but also need to withstand friction. Accordingly, work clothes is about to be practical and tight, hemline, cuff, pants leg is ok buckle rise, and, cloth asks more firm, wear-resisting, colour and lustre with deeper appropriate. Construction industry risk is big, safety is the first, must pay attention to the quality of clothes and practical value when custom-made work clothes so.