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How to wash anti-static workwear?

How to wash anti-static workwear

1. The newly stitched clean clothes, clean clothes and anti-static clothes can be washed directly, and the recovered clean clothes, clean clothes and anti-static clothes found oil should be carefully removed before washing.

2. Check the clothes before washing, and repair, replace or discard the defective ones.

3. The clean room where the clothes are cleaned should be in a cleaner environment than the clean room where the clothes are used.

4. Remove water-soluble pollutants, wash them with clean water, then clean them with distilled solvent and remove oily pollutants.

5. The water used for wet and dry cleaning should be filtered. The solvent should also be distilled and then the filter membrane with a diameter less than 0.2um should be used at the application point.

6. Water temperature for wet cleaning: polyester cloth 60-70c, nylon cloth 50-55c.

7. Antistatic agent can be used to improve the antistatic function in the final rinse. The selected antistatic agent should be well connected with the fiber to avoid dust and dedusting.

8. Buckled clothing should be cleaned in buckled condition.

9. Dry in the clean air circulation system for washing.