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How to remove stains on workwear?

The work clothes were stained with glue and glue pigment stains, it is difficult to remove, only with suitable methods to remove. Here are five common ways to remove stains:

First, the removal of adhesive stains

The overalls were stained with all-purpose glue stains, acetone or banana water drops can be used on glue stains, with the brush to brush repeatedly, wait for glue stains to become soft from the fabric, rinse with water. One is not, can repeatedly brush several times, eventually can wash. Do not use this method for fabrics containing acetate to avoid damage to the working fabric.

Second, the removal of white latex stains

White latex is a synthetic resin, polyvinyl acetate whey. Its characteristic is besides nylon silks and so on outside, to great majority fiber diathesis material has adhesive action, can stick firmly on overalls. It also has the property of being able to dissolve in a variety of solutions. We use its own characteristics to find out how to remove. Usable 60℃ white spirit or the alcohol of 8:2 (95%) with the mixed fluid of water, soak the white latex stains on working clothes, after soaking about half an hour, can rub with water, until washing, rinse with clean water again finally.

Third, gum gum stains removal

The overalls were stained with gum gum, can use raw egg white to remove the glue on the surface of overalls first, and then will loose the remaining particles one by one wipe off, finally into the soapy solution in the wash, finally with clear water rinse. If is the overalls that cannot wash, usable carbon of tetrachloride daub, remove residual dirty fluid.

Fourth, the removal of gum water stains

The besmirch that stained with glue and so on on working clothes, can immerse the pollution place of working clothes in wen shui, after when besmirch is dissolved by water, reoccupy the hand knead, until besmirch is rubbed completely, wash with lukewarm washing fluid again next, rinse with clear water finally.

Fifth, the removal of watercolor stains

Watercolor for painting in order to increase the color fastness, in the pigment to add the right amount of water-soluble colloid.

When overalls were stained with watercolor stains, want to use hot water to dissolve the gum in besmear above all purify, reoccupy scour or weak ammonia water decolorize, rinse clean with clear water finally. White work clothes can be decolorized with hydrogen peroxide