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How to remove corrosion on work clothes

Work often encounter overalls after careless contact with metal, leave rust stains, especially the color of light overalls, especially conspicuous. Ordinary detergent and soapy water won't wash.

Yogurt derusting method, first will work clothes rust place wet with water, then besmear on yogurt, wipe again on soap, can wash clean

Can you use 2% oxalic acid solution at 50? Wash and remove with warm water, then rinse with clear water. Or use 3 to 4 vitamin C pills to grind into powder, sprinkle in the soggy work clothes dirt, and then rub with water a few times, can also remove rust stains

Eat vinegar derusting method, soak working clothes wet dirt with boiling water first, knead repeatedly with eat vinegar next, rinse with boiling water after a few minutes.

After be stained with rust on working clothes, squeeze a bit of toothpaste to be in rust place, wipe gently a few times, reoccupy clean water rub, rust can be removed

Squeeze juice of fresh lemon, drop on rust of overwork clothes, knead with the hand, till rust spot is removed, perhaps use 10% solution of citric acid, or 10% solution of oxalic acid is dirt wet, bubble next in thick brine, next day ablaze rinse can.