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How do I clean my work down jacket?

How do I clean my work down jacket?

Lesson 1: always wash by hand. Inside the down jacket, there is a small label with maintenance and cleaning instructions, careful people found that 90% of hand-washing down jackets, do not dry cleaning, because the dry cleaning potion will affect the warmth, but also will make the cloth aging. And the washing of the machine and dry, after the down jacket that buy, can cause filling material thin and thick not even, make the dress is formed, affect beautiful with warm sex.

Lesson # 2: it's about controlling the temperature. Rinse at 30c and soak the jacket in cold water for 20 minutes. Let it moisturize thoroughly. Dissolve the detergent in 30 degree warm water, then place the duvet in the water for 1/4 hour, then brush gently with a soft bristle brush. Rinse also should use lukewarm water, can make scour dissolve adequately in water, can make down jacket cleaner.

Lesson three is detergent: use detergent at a concentration that is not too high. If must use detergent to clean jacket, usually two basin arrive 4 to 5 tablespoons water washing powder appropriate, if concentration is too high, rinse clean hard, feather is in washing powder residue, the volume that can affect feather, reduce to keep warm sex greatly.