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Anti-radiation clothing selection and washing!

Now in the progress of the society is slowly, and most of the industries are preferred in industry, science, and engaged in this industry workers must wear special clothes, such ability in the work to protect him from injury. So how do you choose a protective suit? And how to clean the protective suit?

Selection of radiation protective clothing
1. Wrap your phone with your clothes. You must wrap your phone tightly. You can't have a gap. After two minutes, the signal will be significantly weakened or blocked. It shows that close to the signal tower is close to the area, and the individual signal is super mobile phone, we do not guarantee to completely block cell phone signal; However, the anti-radiation effects can be detected by other test methods.

The easiest way to prevent radiation is to use your phone to test it. That is to wrap the cell phone and then call, general statement to say that radiation protection function cloth is good. But now because the mobile phone search signal is too powerful, in fact, as long as the cell phone signal is weakened, even if there is radiation protection.

2. Instrument detection method: the physical stores that sell anti-radiation clothing have tester;
3. Fabric combustion method: (limited to the testing of stainless steel fabric), a layer of metal mesh is revealed;
4, screen jamming method: using mobile phones to televisions, desktop computer, phone screen, the screen will be shaking or small noise, put the cell phone radiation protection clothing, to call again, or more appear will disappear or weakened obviously;

5, measuring the electrical conductivity of the clothes: radiation protection fabric and the common fabrics has essential difference, has the good electrical conductivity, the user can take clothes to the maintenance of household appliances, let the teacher using the multimeter, detection of clothes, the conductivity of the ordinary clothes is no conductivity;

6. Noise interference method: find a fixed phone, press the free button, and put the sound outside, and then use your mobile phone to dial 10086 or 10010 into the call state before the fixed number. Mobile phone near the fixed telephone, mobile phone electromagnetic radiation emitted from interferes with fixed phone, landline squeaking noise, encase with radiation protection suits fixed phone at this moment, will significantly reduce the noise, shows that radiation protection suits can block out most of the area near field of the radiation of mobile phone

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