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Effect of Color Fastness on Ribbon Quality

Work clothes custom process, to see a variety of exquisite ribbon in the production process to go through a number of processes, in the process, due to raw materials, production processes, operations and other causes of the error, the ribbon is often different Times, even the same batch of fabric in the color will be different. Fabric color difference, if the color of the light source of the different color environment, the color of the different time, the evaluation of the color difference is also different. Therefore, in order to accurately assess the color difference, to ensure the consistency of the color results in the visual assessment of color, you must use the standard color light box selected by the customer to determine the color of the light source to avoid the light source is not standard or light caused by different visual The difference.

Color fastness is the quality of the ribbon and the most important indicators of the main concern is the color fastness of the friction resistance, resistance to perspiration, washability, light resistance, scrub resistance. Mainly based on the use of the product to determine the assessment of those projects, according to the requirements to carry out a special system. Ribbon factory to produce the problem of decolorizing ribbon can be large or small, if the ribbon used for clothing accessories in the wash when the decolorization, will be the whole clothes, or with the clothes washed together. Decolored ribbon will give a very serious sense of disgust.

The so-called color fastness refers to the color of textiles in the physical and chemical role, the color to maintain a firm degree, that is, the color of textiles by the outside world, the degree of fastness called dyeing fastness. The color fastness of the sample after the test showed that the color fastness was good or bad.

Color fastness in a variety of projects, the most commonly used color fastness to the color fastness to rubbing, perspiration color fastness, washing fastness, light fastness, fastness to water fastness, Degree, weather fastness and other items. In the actual life, mainly according to the end use of the product to decide what items to assess, which resistant perspiration, dry friction, water fastening fastness is the basic technical requirements of the textile safety requirements of the project, all stained textiles should be assessed. In addition, for infant and young children textile products also need to assess the color fastness to saliva.

The determination of color fastness generally use visual assessment method, that is, gray-like card as a standard, in a certain light and environmental conditions, the use of human eyes contrast gray card and the sample to determine the original sample color and white cloth color number. Gray card (respectively, discoloration and staining) for the five fastness level, that is 5,4,3,2,1.5 the best, the worst level. In each of the two levels to add half-level, that is, 4,5,3 4,2 3,1 2, so we use the gray card for the 5 level 9 files, color fastness assessment results for one of nine levels. If the ribbon product of a color fastness does not meet the standard level, then the ribbon products for the unqualified.

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