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How to avoid fading?

Now have faded clothes will happen happens, even if we buy a new, soaking, it with salt water after washing, still can't avoid these rub off phenomenon, a rub off is unwilling to wear, so everyone would have to order the uniform manufacturer to understand, there are some methods can avoid this kind of rub off of.

When buying clothes, besides focusing on the quality of clothing and fabrics and other aspects of problems, it is often difficult to identify the color fastness problem when buying. Color fastness is also called dyeing fastness, dyeing fastness. It refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to various functions in the process of processing and use. Textile color fastness testing is a routine inspection item in the quality test of textiles. Color fastness to become one of the important factors influencing the domestic clothing is unqualified, so consumer is when the choose and buy clothes, the most worried about is after cleaning, cause they fade, shirt as the summer is necessary article, how to prevent fade shirt rub off?

Dark shirt antidrying. Many people don't pay attention to exposing their face to the sun after cleaning. After several cleaning, the clothes become more and more faded. This is actually is ultraviolet ray causes the clothes to fade color fade, after washing after peacetime, want to expose the negative of the clothing to be exposed outside to be able, method is simple and practical.

A salt water immersion method for fancy casual shirts. Especially the new buy back the design and color of a shirt to prevent fade, preferably before cleaning, use saline soak first half an hour, and then according to the general cleaning method of cleaning, if there is still a rub off phenomenon, as long as adhere to a few times can no longer appear fade phenomenon.

Cotton wool shirt with the dew washing method. According to general cleaning method to clean before, had better be in through in the water a few drops of toilet water, soak for 10 minutes or so, in addition to fade to prevent rub off phenomenon, but also has the role of sterilization and remove sweat.

So everyone at the time of buying clothes, not only depends on the quality of the clothing and fabric, and have a look at the color of it, we will face the problem of clothes fade, some clothes after washing, the color of it will be particularly severe, so everybody to want to master the methods of prevent shirt rub off fade, and with these methods, we don't have to worry about the color of the dress problem, also can wear a dress.

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