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What style should I choose when ordering work clothes?

When designing work clothes, it is very important to customize the work clothes. Because different industries and different working environments, the attributes of working clothes are different. For example, in the garden industry, it is necessary to prevent mosquitoes and snakes. In high-temperature working environments, workers need to be protected from radiation burns.

Mechanical work clothes
Workers in the machinery industry often have to shuttle between machines. The work clothes of the mechanical workers must be tight, and the hem, cuffs, and trouser legs can be fastened. The fabric must be strong and wear-resistant. This can prevent clothes from being tangled by the machine. twist.

Chemical laboratory overalls
Chemical companies' workshops and laboratories generally contain corrosive substances. Workers and laboratory workers should wear thick, tight-fitting work clothes. In addition, they must wear rubber apron, rubber long gloves, and rubber long sleeves. overshoes. If necessary, wear a helmet or work clothes.

Food manufacturing overalls
Workers engaged in chefs and food manufacturing should wear white, buckle-backed overalls, which require knee lengths, cuffs that can be fastened, and hats and masks to ensure that food is not contaminated.

Agricultural garden overalls
Generally engaged in agricultural production is outdoors, you only need to choose cotton work clothes with a lighter color. If you are working in the forest, tighten the collar, cuffs, and ankles of your work clothes. This will not only prevent mosquito bites, but also prevent snake bites.

High temperature work clothes
Those who work in high temperature environment must choose thick and soft cloth, and the color should be light or white, because it can protect the skin from radiation burns. Always wear clothes when working at high temperatures. It is best to wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, as well as gloves and even face shields and foot guards.