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The 5 points that need to notice in working clothes design

The 5 points that need to notice in working clothes design

1, the choice of color to be careful, to be consistent with the tone of business owners. What is the business owner tone? Is to do the enterprise publicity and introduction, will choose one or several color combination of the logo, and then the logo is the symbol of the enterprise brand culture, the color or combination of color is the enterprise color. So had better be to blend enterprise color into the color of work clothes, this is not only the embodiment of the culture of an enterprise, but also the propaganda of an enterprise.

2. Selection of fabric. Fabric is the inside of work clothes. Good fabric work clothes employees wear comfortable, convenient to work, neat without ball, wrinkle and color, for the enterprise's overall outlook and mental outlook plus points. What's more, the fabric can deal with the danger employees encounter in work to a certain extent, so the role of fabric in work clothes is very important. The enterprise of different industry, when designing overalls, have one side key.

3. Differences. It's designed to differentiate between jobs. For example, there are differences in colors, armbands and badges, as well as in styles. Different parts of different industries are different. Some other enterprises are in order to distinguish the relationship between the superior and the subordinate, work clothes at this time is to have the status symbol ability.

4. Work clothes. Some well-known enterprise pays attention to enterprise culture very much, to propagandize what design work clothes is very elegant, if for convenient job, should choose style contracted, also have to adapt to work environment specially design. Many are different.

5. Enterprise logo. Many enterprises are for the purpose of publicity, are printed on the name or logo of the enterprise. These are essential.