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What should the construction workers' work clothes pay attention to?

From here, it is especially important for construction workers to wear overalls, what kind of overalls to wear, how to maintain their overalls, and to allow construction workers to maximize their labor protection and protection in the work environment. Workwear supplier in china

Twill oxford fabric with uniform new design workwear

What should the work clothes of construction workers be like?

.First, the fabric of the overalls should be soft, comfortable and strong in sweat absorption. Dirty and wear resistant. The fabric is thick. Easy to clean. Be comfortable and comfortable.

Second, the color of the overalls is best blue, reflecting the safety of the first warning.
Third, the overall style of the overalls is jacket-style, stylish, but also to protect the cold.
Four, multi-pocket design, easy to carry with your body.
Fifth, the overalls should be securely sewn.