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Knowledge points of work clothes facing different positions

As the name suggests, labor insurance work clothes are laborers' protective clothing. These work clothes are worn in production labor with certain protective functions. Labor insurance work clothes are different from other work clothes. Its design concept is designed around the protection and protection of workers' safety. At the same time take into account the comfort of the clothes. Workwear supplier in china

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For front-line operators, wearing protective clothing is essential. We will see workers on the construction site, assembly line workers in the workshop, and petrochemical workers, who will wear the company's customized labor insurance uniforms at work. Different labor insurance suits and product application functions are also different, designed according to different job nature requirements. Enterprises have considered more when customizing such work clothes. The first consideration is protection and protection functions, such as waterproof, dustproof and fireproof. Basically, some fabrics that are resistant to abrasion and dirt are selected. The color is usually dominated by dark colors.