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The origin of the nurse uniform

Nurse clothing refers to the clothing worn by the nurse. The main function is to maintain hygiene and to identify the nurse to the patient. Traditional nurse uniforms include tops, aprons, and nurse caps. There are many different styles of nurse suits, but they are still very easy to be recognized. The new version of nurse uniforms is not limited to traditional monotones, and all kinds of colors, patterns and stripes are available.
The real nurse costume should start in the Nightingale era, that is to say, the nurse uniform came out in the 1860s. When Nightingale first created a nurse's clothing, it was based on the principle of “clean, neat and conducive to cleaning”. Although the styles are different, they are similar. Since then, nurse schools around the world have followed suit. For example, many nursing schools in the United States have their own characteristics, different styles, and require registration with the government. They are not allowed to copy each other and stipulate that nurses are not allowed to go to the streets or go out. The restrictions on nurse uniforms in Europe are much wider.