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Economic value of labor insurance products

Scientific and rational allocation and the use of labor insurance products can not only prevent economic losses caused by accidents, but also improve workers' work efficiency, improve the economic efficiency of users and reduce the costs of using unity in human resources. To do this, we must consider the following two points:

In order to achieve the effect, labor insurance products increase the barrier and increase the load on the human body. If you are too cumbersome and cumbersome to have a protective effect, not only will people feel uncomfortable, but they will also affect work efficiency and shorten work time, thus affecting work output and the company's economic benefits.
If they truly understand that this is closely related to the economic benefits of unity, then they can consider the problem from a completely new perspective. Thus, in the process of research and development of labor insurance products, the level of comfort will be elevated to a more important position. If the comfort level can be translated into the economic benefits of the unit and you can also try and describe the degree of correlation and the associated data, then the value of labor insurance supplies for both buyers and sellers has jumped .

If labor insurance supplies have no effect and can not prevent accidental damage, no matter how much money is spent on labor insurance supplies, it is a waste. As economic losses occurred after the accident and cheaper labor insurance supplies, costs also cost. Therefore, labor insurance products must be reliable and secure, so that workers can be guaranteed during operation. This will minimize accidents and reduce the resulting economic losses.