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The advantages of Kinglong chef uniform

1, hygroscopicity: normal cotton fiber moisture content of 8% to 8%, can automatically absorb human body secretion of sweat and excess water evaporation, so that the fabric of moisture content in equilibrium, relaxed and comfortable.

2) comfort: cotton fiber itself is porous, the advantage of high elasticity, accumulated a large number of air, between fiber and cotton fiber and the air is a poor conductor of heat, heat effectively block the external environment promote comfortable feeling.

3, wrinkle resistance, without bleaching and native cotton fiber has excellent natural resilience, not easy to form the dead plait, dry it straight after washing, don't need ironing, convenient do.

4, washing resistance: close, chef uniform fabric weaves cotton fiber length determines the after wash't thin cotton to soften up and fiber excellent toughness and degree of hardships and stand hard work, after repeated washing won't damaged.

Waterproof, prevent oil, 5 grams of rose chef's fabric using a special process, prevent oil waterproof effect is good, not easy to cause stains.

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