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Women fashion style workwear clothing in daily life

Blue-collar industry, mainly in the physical and skill-based work, has been dominated by men, a typical "patriarchal" industry, so blue-collar overalls from the design, the type of color to the choice of men clothing Design reference. However, in recent years, with the development of society, blue-collar workers in the increasingly younger at the same time, more and more women have joined the ranks of blue-collar workers, which means that the design should not only fashion, but also to understand women heart!
Never underestimate the pursuit of women's fashion and beauty, even stay in the factory floor every day, production lines, logistics warehouses and other more closed working environment, but also can not withstand the blue-collar female workers love the heart. So, what kind of work clothes to seize the blue-collar women's heart?

First, refused to bloated - Slim was thin is king
Fat, is the biggest taboo woman. Therefore, even the overalls, but also reflects the female body type of beauty, the traditional bloated overalls is completely without any market, Slim was thin king, of course, the premise is not to affect the work, that is not in the tight But also Slim was thin, comfortable, self-cultivation, convenience, to meet these three points, the blue-collar women to seize the beauty of the psychological beauty. Tuo Jikai overalls using 3D stereoscopic tailoring, according to Asian personal design, blue-collar workers in full consideration of the work needs at the same time, in the waist, hem, etc. for fine-tuning, which will highlight the beautiful body type women; Standard size has also done a more detailed and comprehensive division, is divided into 8 sizes, code number is complete, covering almost 99.5% of the size of the body.

Second, the unique fashion - highlight the charm of women
Do not think that only white-collar women to understand fashion, but all women, fashion has a natural sensitivity and insight, so blue-collar women, of course, is no exception. Although the blue-collar uniforms can not be as white-collar as with jewelry, scarves, brooches, cuffs and other set off the United States, but the extension Ji Kay overalls as the originator of fashion tooling, through the color, stitching, Lingge, Ming lines and other fashion elements and tooling clever fusion, Designed to introduce both practical and unique chic new fashion tooling, fully meet the blue-collar female workers on the pursuit of fashion trends.

Third, get rid of dark blue - blue - collar should also be colorful
The working environment may not change at any time, but the work clothes can be changed at any time. In the dull workshop for a long time, for a beautiful fashion tooling, add a hint of color at the same time, I feel the whole world has become bright and dynamic. Therefore, for blue-collar women, the gray-black blue overalls can only spare tire, bright color is the true color of the work clothes!

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