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Promote the healthy and rapid development of the textile industry

Wang Zhaizhang first analyzed the impact of cotton prices on the industrial chain in the previous year. He believes that the previous year cotton prices skyrocketed, the entire cotton industry chain has caused a serious blow. One is to combat the cotton farmers, so that farmers have experienced the process from hi to sad. Due to reluctant to sell, some cotton farmers are now also hoarding cotton, to the current price of the sale of a certain loss.

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Cotton prices rise, if the new cotton purchase price is lower than the purchasing and storage price will be against next year's cotton-making enthusiasm; the second is to cotton textile production and management has brought great difficulties, increased operational risk. Wei Bridge through the internal management, extension of the market, continue to maintain the momentum of balanced and healthy development in the first half to achieve sales revenue of 8 billion yuan, down 3.3%, profits of 1 billion yuan, down 2.2%.

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To maintain the healthy development of cotton industry, the key depends on the cotton textile market situation is good or bad and the strength of international competitiveness. Cotton is closely related to the cotton industry. In recent years, domestic raw material costs are high, the appreciation of the renminbi, rising financial costs and other factors, seriously weakening the competitiveness of domestic textile enterprises, exacerbated the loss of downstream orders. The future of global economic growth slowed down, textile purchasing power decline, China's textile and garment export resistance increased, will affect the cotton consumption, cotton prices are facing greater pressure upward.

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To enhance the competitiveness of cotton textile industry, the majority of enterprises need to pay more hard work, but also inseparable from good policy support. Weiqiao Textile will focus on three aspects of the work: First, continue to optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of growth; Second, vigorously strengthen independent innovation, to promote product upgrading; Third, continue to strengthen the basic management, efforts to reduce production costs The
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Weiqiao Textile put forward three policy recommendations: First, strengthen the cotton market regulation; the second is to increase cotton import quotas; third is to improve the tax policy to reduce the burden on enterprises.

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