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How to choose and wear helmets

Helmets are widely used in industrial production of personal protective equipment, its role is to protect the head of the operating personnel, is a national special protective equipment industrial production license management products. The standard "helmet" (GB 2811-1989) is a mandatory standard. Production of helmets products production enterprises must be approved by the competent departments of the system must have a self-test capability, and its products must be tested by the state designated inspection agencies qualified, and through the bulk check self-test qualified. Shijiazhuang Haiyuan Labor Insurance Company has the above requirements.

1. helmets with the following four permanent mark of the product is the relevant departments that qualified to sell the product.
(1) business name, trademark, model.
(2) manufacturing year, month.
(3) Mark of production license number.

(4) factory certificate and security certificate.

2. Selection and use of helmets
Select the helmets, be sure to choose in line with national standards, signs complete, the inspection of qualified helmets. Users should also check their recent inspection report when purchasing helmets. The recent inspection report is provided by the manufacturer. And according to different protection purposes to choose different varieties, such as live workplace operators, should choose T4 class electrical insulation performance test qualified helmets, otherwise it will not achieve the role of protection.
When using a helmet, you must first understand the protective performance of helmets, structural features, and master the correct use and maintenance methods, otherwise, will make the helmet in the impact when not play a protective effect.Therefore, can not be considered safe The hat has a safety umbrella, you can make the head from harm. Therefore, in the use of the process must pay attention to the following questions:
(1) before use must check the helmets on the cracks, bumps traces, rugged, wear (including the inspection of the cap lining), helmets on the impact of its performance obvious defects should be timely scrapped to avoid Affect the protective effect.
(2) can not arbitrarily adjust the size of the cap lining. The size of the helmet, such as vertical spacing, wearing height, horizontal spacing, the standard is strictly defined, these dimensions directly affect the protective performance of helmets, the user must not be free to adjust, otherwise, the impact of falling once, helmets Will be due to wear out or out of the impact due to touch the top and can not play a protective effect, directly hurt the wearer.
(3) must be used when wearing a helmet, wearing a prison, can not shake, to tie the cheek belt, adjust the rear hoop to prevent the helmet off.
(4) can not be privately perforated in the helmet, do not arbitrarily crash helmet, do not sit on the bench when the helmet, so as not to affect its strength.
(5) A helmet that has suffered a strong shock or has been tested can not be used and should be discarded.
(6) helmets can not be placed in the acid, alkali, high temperature, sun, wet or chemical reagents place, so as not to aging or deterioration.
(7) should pay attention to the use of helmets in the validity period, plastic helmet is valid for 2 and a half years, plant branches woven helmets valid for 2 years, FRP (including vinylon) and glial helmet valid for 3 years half. A helmet that exceeds the validity period should be scrapped.

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