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Choose the high quality nurse scrub produced in China

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on:2019-01-15
Scrubs they are the sanitary ones clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, doctors and other workers involved in patient care in hospitals. Originally designed for use by surgeons and others operating room staff, who would wear them when they sterilized or "rubbed" before surgery, now they are worn by many hospital staff. Their use has also been extended outside hospitals, in work environments where clothes can come into contact with infectious agents (veterinary, midwives, etc.). Scrub is designed to be simple (with minimum places for contaminants to hide), easy to wash, and cheap to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. In the United Kingdom, scrubs are sometimes known as Theater Blues.

In contrast to the uniforms requested for a long time nurses, surgeons he wore no specialized garment until the twentieth century. Surgical the procedures were conducted in a Operational theater. The surgeon was wearing his clothes, perhaps with a butcher's apron to protect him clothing from the bloodstains, and he operated with bare hands with non-sterile tools and supplies. (Gut and silk sutures they were sold as open locks with reusable needles by hand; Packaging gauze it was made of trash from the floors of cotton mills). In contrast to today's concept of surgery as a profession that emphasizes cleanliness and conscientiousness, until the early twentieth century the mark of a successful and successful surgeon was the profusion of blood and fluids on his clothes. The importance of dressing as a hallmark of one's class in society was fundamental and the processes underlying the transmission of infection were the subject of controversy within the profession.
Surgical scrub is generally not owned by the wearer. Due to concerns about home recycling and sterility problems, these scrubs are usually hospital-owned or hired in hospital through a commercial linen service. And because of these recycling limits and sterility, disposable stain clothes they have been introduced in the market.

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