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Workwear customized classification introduction

There are many different ways to classify work clothes, but no matter which perspective, from the purpose of classification, or to the design, or to the management, or to the market, or to the development of research and its practicality, the following Workwear styles do some simple introductions: work clothes for men supplier,china supplier

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In the further classification of uniforms and identities of different positions within the same industry, hotel hotel uniforms can be divided into different work clothes such as front office, guest room, security department, engineering department, etc., while only the front office has luggage, Doorman, lobby manager, cashier at the Ministry of Commerce, reception, etc.; same as the overalls of the transportation industry, motor transport. Shipping. Rail transport. Air transportation and so on are different. Only specific targets of specific occupations can be accurately targeted.

The workwear of the machinery industry first emphasizes practicality. It is easy to work with fabrics that are very beautiful and durable. The styles are constantly updated, adding fashion elements and combining the characteristics of various industries, not only helping companies improve their image, but also enhance their cultural connotations. Suitable for all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, software, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, property management and other enterprises and institutions, the use of engineering staff;

Work clothes can be divided into: protective type (usually tooling, including special function protection), image type (usually suit or advertising on the basis of tooling), and welfare type (usually reflecting the sense of belonging with a higher configuration); Workwear categories can be divided into: tooling, business wear, professional wear, hotels and hotels.