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What is the scope of use of the safety vest?

Sanitation workers are urban beauticians, and their figures often travel across wide roads. In order to create a clean urban environment, we start working every day. So do we know what the overalls they wear look like? work clothes for men supplier

Reflective tape vest multi-pocket functional workwear

Sanitation workers usually wear uniform uniforms, and we can see him in the wind or rain, morning or night. In addition to being resistant to dirt, their work clothes are more important to protect them. Sanitation uniforms are usually orange, because orange is very conspicuous, orange color has a longer wavelength, and it is easy to see at first sight in any weather.

Reflective strips will also be added to the sanitation uniforms. They often shuttle through the roads. Reflective strips can protect the safety of sanitation workers during their work, especially in rainy days or nights. The retro-reflective strips will cause passing vehicles and pedestrians. Attention.

The styles of sanitation overalls are mostly uniform, and they are waterproof or windproof. Reflective strips will be added to the tops and pants. This material can better protect sanitation workers from harm at work.