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What do you need to pay attention to when customizing cotton overalls?

The cotton overalls are very comfortable after being mild and non-irritating, and the moisture wicking and perspiration wicking performance is better, which is sought after by many companies. More and more companies prefer custom-made cotton overalls. If you don't choose pure cotton overalls, then let's take a look at what to pay attention to when customizing cotton overalls. Safety Jacket for Men,High Visibility Jackets

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First of all, when choosing pure cotton overalls, you should choose real cotton fabrics, because sometimes it is very easy to be confused with polyester cotton. Whether it is the hand or the sweat, the breathability is relatively poor, the price is relatively cheap. The real cotton fabric is very soft and comfortable, without any irritation to the skin.

Secondly, when choosing pure cotton overalls, you should choose the right style. The uniforms worn by different positions in different positions are different. The style of overalls is nothing more than three types, professional suit style, uniform style, casual T-shirt sweater style. Long sleeves or short sleeves are available depending on the season.

The above are some points to be aware of when ordering custom cotton overalls. I hope to help you. If you don't know about custom cotton overalls, please contact us at WUHAN KINGLONG SAFETY.