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What are the skills for general color selection?

Only in terms of color, not all colors are suitable for everyone. Some people have a wider range of options, while others have a more limited range of options. safety jackets for men

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1. The color and color of the monkey skin
The cold color will make a pale shadow on the pale skin, making people look slightly alienated.
A slightly warmer red color will make the pale face radiant and vibrant.

2. Color and character, size and occupation of the monkey.
Take the personality as an example: enthusiastic and cheerful people prefer strong and bright colors, calm and elegant people prefer simple and indifferent people, dignified and stable people prefer cold and depth. And so on, they cannot be listed one by one. Furthermore, there are aspects of the body, age, occupation and others, which largely determine the choice of color. Depending on your characteristics, you can determine various colors for your clothes.

Each has its favorite color. When you use certain colors, your mood will look very different and the spirit is particularly good. This is more or less due to our preference for color and what we do. Relative to the sector.