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What are the requirements and conditions that the overalls should meet?

Professional workwear customization is to consider the body's body proportion and the normal dimensions of human activity. The proportion of the human body refers to the comparison of the horizontal data of the bust, waist circumference and hip circumference through the longitudinal human body parameter data such as height, arm length and leg length, and the data ratio is relatively stereoscopic, while the human activity dimension is measured by the body joint. The range of activities based on points and motion-driven points. winter jacket china supplier

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First, the overalls are also the essence of clothing, and the clothing must satisfy the function of beautifying the human body. Therefore, the beauty of color matching is very important. In the small environment of the enterprise group, the workers are the best carrier for corporate propaganda. Also, as the recipients of the overalls, the good color matching in the outstanding corporate traits culture will also add points to the employee image. This is also a prerequisite for tooling as a business.

Second, the clothing should meet the amount of exercise required by the human body, and the overalls are generally loose. As an outsourcing of the external shame protection of clothing, clothing has certain protection and simulation. Because the clothing is attached to the surface of the human body, the overalls should be slightly larger than the normal clothing without affecting the appearance. The reason is that the body's limbs have a large range of motion during work, and the thin garments are difficult to withstand long-term stretching, and the same large clothes are more convenient for the skin. Volatile perspiration.

Third, the clothing should have a certain quality assurance, and the overalls should be responsible for human protection. Although human skin has certain protection and protection for our interior, our skin will not be able to withstand the heat and cold and all kinds of bad working clothes. Clothing should have a certain degree of protection and texture protection, and work clothes should be more responsible for labor protection. The reason why work clothes are called labor service tooling is because the purpose of production is to protect labor safety. Therefore, the uniform uniforms of work clothes should be established with relevant uniform regulations.