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What are the precautions for washing clothes?

Most of the work clothes can not be machine washed, so how to solve the problem of work clothing cleaning? Men Work Shorts With Side Pocket

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First, the use of tools
    Choose rubber gloves, choose thinner, longer, preferably to the elbow. The purpose is also very simple to prevent the generated wastewater from splashing. After the work clothes are soaked, just kneel down, or use a soft brush. For different work clothes, the coveralls should be taken care of when not washing too much, to prevent the sewing of the girdle, and the coated work clothes. Do not scrub with a hard brush and do not scrub with force to avoid damaging the coating.

Second, do a good job after the protection
    After the work clothes are cleaned, they should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to avoid exposure to sunlight. Work clothes are different from other clothing. In order to increase the toughness of fabrics, work clothes will add fiber such as chemical fiber to the fabric. Sun exposure can cause degradation of such fibers, resulting in reduced toughness of the fabric. Secondly, after drying, it should be placed with a slight ironing.