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Tips for customizing work clothes

A good workwear can reflect your company's corporate image and corporate culture and philosophy. Different industries, different occupations, different work properties have different work clothes. China Shirt and Pants Manufacturers

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1. The custom color of the work clothes is matched with the style of the company. Different companies have different styles. This is not determined by their own preferences. It is based on the different types of work of different companies. Factories such as food and beverages and pasta require work clothes to be more vivid, such as white, sky blue, and pink. The factories in the machinery and hardware industries need to choose work clothes with deeper colors, such as dark blue, gray, and brown. These colors are easy to clean. Ordinary to adhere to the three-color standard, that is, the color can not be greater than three. Normally black, blue, gray.

2, custom clothing styles, styles and colors are almost considered at the same time, some need to be separated, some need to be connected or special requirements. Clothing fabrics, according to the characteristics of their own jobs to choose the right fabric. Accessories (zippers, buttons, elastics) Similarly, some posts can not be used with metal zippers, you can use buttons and so on instead. Embroidered word printing, mostly embroidered, but now the printing is also good, this can be selected according to the fabric.

3. Targetedness: The so-called pertinence is that when designing or selecting work clothes, it depends on the industry, the job position, the nature of the work, and the gender. Considering these factors, we choose Or make a detailed communication with the seller or the fashion designer when customizing the work clothes, in order to make the designed work clothes suitable for the working environment.

4. Aesthetics: The aesthetics of work clothes are mainly reflected in the combination of design and corporate culture. A good workwear can also reflect the cultural cohesion of the enterprise and play a positive role in enhancing the cultural connotation and external image of the enterprise. . Colleagues also need to incorporate the company's philosophy into their design.