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The role of reflective clothing?

The term ‘high visibility’ is thrown around a lot when we’re talking about safety, but what exactly does it really entail and when is it necessary? Hi viz clothing for kids, for construction workers and for cyclists all serve different functions, but the core idea is the same. The clothes are meant to keep them safe and protect them from harm. When talking about high visibility clothes, it’s important to understand exactly what it is. These clothes are made from materials that are fluorescent and therefore will reflect light. Usually, the entire item of clothing isn’t made of fluorescent materials, but there are several fluorescent bands added on to the clothes. These clothes help the wearer to stay visible during both the day and night.

So it’s obvious to see why workwear for kids with fluorescent bands would be useful when they’re walking on sidewalks or playing outside. During the daytime, the fluorescence seems to glow in the sun and at night it reflects all light coming from streetlamps and car headlights. Workers who wear hi viz clothing usually do so because they work in low visibility work environments that can be potentially dangerous.

Workers will often wear hi viz coats and jackets in these working conditions for extra protection against the elements and adding high visibility trousers to the outfit completes the whole high visibility look for optimal safety and protection. In low-risk working environment, they sometimes only wear high visibility waistcoats since they don’t need as much protection. The same goes for children, who typically only need one high visibility item of clothing at a time to stay safe. A high visibility jacket or shirt is the only hi viz clothing for kids that they need. Workwear for kids when they’re doing something more dangerous like hiking or something similar is typically thicker and provides more protection against the elements.