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Little knowledge of work clothes

1. Workwear is special clothing for work needs. The design of work clothes must be based on the customer's needs, combined with the professional characteristics, the group's culture, age structure, body characteristics, usage habits, etc., from color to fabric , to style, shape, combination and other aspects of clothing, to provide the best design, creates a new professional image full of connotation and taste for customers. Work clothing played an active role in improving the corporate image and demonstrating the corporate culture. Chinese uniform bibpant supplier

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2. The principle of the design of the suit is first of all focused: for different sectors, different companies in the same sector, different positions in the same company, different positions, genres, etc. In the same position. The targeted design indicates otherwise why people wear, wear time, wear the place, why wear, wear what.
Whoever wears, strictly speaking, refers to a part of the person who goes to work or engages in official activities in the place where it is employed within a certain period of time. In a broad sense, it refers to a relatively unclear part of the consumer group. The "person" here is represented as a group in overalls. A part, a class, its working characteristics, individual and group style, physiological and psychological needs, political and economic status, cultural literacy, etc., because the design requirements are specific and different. Time and place are the work environment and small environmental factors. The weather is spring, summer, autumn and winter. Day and night are different. The location is characterized by the regional environment and the small specific working environment.

3. The aesthetics of the suit is determined by the commonality of the spirituality of the head. Work clothes are made for easy work. The aesthetic process is particularly important.

4. Work clothes can be chosen according to the company's own fabrics such as: construction companies, wear-resistant fabrics; electronic companies should use antistatic fabrics. When the suits are made to measure, it is necessary to select the fabric and select the suitable clothing for the company to obtain maximum practicality. For people who work, choosing a fair workwear is very urgent. The right choice of work clothes can help regulate body temperature and cover the skin to achieve the purpose of waterproofing, fire prevention, prevention of heat radiation, anti-virus and animal bite prevention. It can be said that the choice of the suit is right and direct for the health of the human body.