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Is deep color suits relatively resistant to dirty?

Overalls is employees to wear at work, not only can show the spirit of employees, and can reflect the cultural connotation of a company, showing the unique enterprise culture. Such as bright color and fashion style clothes to perform enterprise innovation and pioneering spirit; Darker and belong to warm color to move, uniforms, reflects the enterprise's steady style; Black overalls represents the enterprise the rigorous work style, black overalls and there's a benefit to bear or endure dirty, a lot of people think so, as long as is the work of deep color suits relatively resistant to dirty, actually this is wrong,whats the reason?

In fact, a lot of people wear clothes, there is a small error, that is the clothes that darker compare to bear or endure dirty, especially think more resistant to black clothes dirty. On visual effect, of course, that's true, but what dirty don't dirty your clothes are the in the mind is very clear. Standing in a professional perspective, clothes and resistance to not dirty and color has nothing to do but to textile technology are closely linked, custom-made work clothes, too.

There are many kinds of, can make black color material sulphur black is one of them. Sulphur black, for example, the material is easy to stick dust or other small particles, when the surface is stained the naked eye can see clearly that, seems to have a grey layer, very ugly. So we usually wear clothes or wear the uniform at work, do not blindly choose black, think that it is not easy to dirty, the main still should see the material of clothes. Material good, wear comfortable, look also can appear cleaner.

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