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How to wash T-SHIRT

cleaning T-shirt in our life, we can't avoid a "family" the way and tactics of course everyone clean T-shirt is different, we often mix wash T-shirt, because it is more convenient to reduce a lot of valuable time.

But many clothes will rub off the case, as we are the white T-shirt with colors are relatively common problem, so when we wash the T-shirt in the mixed what problem should note, clean T-shirt before we can be a T-shirt with some water and then take a piece of white paper towel adsorption in the above, if there is a fading of the color of the paper towel will change. Sometimes can we soaked T-shirt has been mixed color, want to know the appearance of the t-shirts after mixed color will change, and on the surface of the T-shirt uniform color distribution is not special, if you found when cleaning t-shirts we should immediately will rub off on the surface of the detergent with dry, then remove with water immersion.

T-shirt when washing is to pay attention to some of the places: if the color of the T-shirt has developed other t-shirts, we should use eighty degrees of water soaked the T-shirt for, if conditions allow in the use of heat to rub soap lye, scrub then rinse with water after can remove guanggu shan surface color.

I hope that you will be confused by this problem.