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How to maintain workwear?

How to maintain workwear?

Work clothes are not only what we wear to work, but also the health armor that keeps us safe at work. The correct maintenance method can not only maintain the performance of working fabric, but also extend the service life of clothing. So, what does the daily maintenance of working clothes have? Today to talk about the daily maintenance of work clothes tips:

1. Clear the pockets, change the work clothes and take out the pockets immediately after returning home. If the pocket is full and hanging, the overalls will easily deform.

2, work clothes can not be machine washing, easy to deform after machine washing, it is best to wash by hand.

3, work clothes coat collar is easy to accumulate dust inside, should be the collar with a hanger to hang, and will be collected after dust barrier.

4, a work clothes coat suggested not to wear more than two days in a row, because local tension will produce deformation, should choose a special suit hanger, hanging, let it appropriate "rest", in order to restore

5, work clothes stained with other fibers or less easy to remove the dust, you can use tape paper to adsorption, the effect is very good.

6, long wear or long put the work clothes coat in the wardrobe, hanging in the place of a little humidity, is conducive to the recovery of the goose fiber fatigue, can remove the fold of the clothes. But humidity is too general meeting affects the effect that finalize the design.

7, storage of work clothes coat, to be evenly hung on the special hanger, the opposite side facing out, and put camphor and other insecticide in the pocket, cover plastic cavity cover, stored in good ventilation, low humidity place.

8, work clothes coat to hang with a hanger, the best is to use wood or plastic wide handle of the arc hanger.

The above is for everyone to introduce about the work clothes maintenance tips, you get it?