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How to choose healthy work clothes?

Generally speaking, light-colored clothes are more environmentally friendly than dark ones. Because the fabric of light-colored work clothes is less likely to be contaminated during production, especially for close-fitting summer work clothes. In terms of health, you should choose lighter colors. This is not a case of skin allergy for the body.

There is no lining when shopping for work clothes. The suits and suits must be lined with products that can be made without adhesion. Because adhesives need glue, glue usually contains solvents such as formaldehyde. This protects the body from chemicals.

A lot of people like to buy foreign trade work clothes, but be careful when buying, don't want to buy back the product that is returned because of environmental protection reason.
There are a single laser holographic anti-counterfeiting sign in the work clothes of green environmental protection, can be illuminated by laser pointer, and you can see 10 rings in any Angle.

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