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How to avoid shrinkage?

How to avoid shrinkage

One, more careful label: before buying cotton clothes, you can look at the label of clothes, in addition to the quality of a material and cotton content, you can also take a look at the label of wash care, for example, is it possible to wash, wash with warm water, in order to eliminate the improper composition of wash care shrinkage phenomenon.

Two, work clothes wash have knowledge: can use appropriate method when catharsis, reduce as far as possible with the degree that drops clothings shrink. For example, pure cotton products have strong alkali resistance. Various kinds of washing liquid can be used, and clothes can be soaked in light brine for half an hour before washing, and then cleaned. When washing, water temperature should be controlled below 35℃, not suitable for long-term immersion in detergent. In addition, because cotton fibers are not resistant to pulling, it is best to wash them by hand, or in a laundry bag and set the washing machine to a weak current. Conditional word can add a few clothings softener, make cotton qualitative clothings soft, avoid apparent shrink appearance.

Three, work clothes insolate have a doohickey: to avoid clothings shrink excessive, when insolate should pull appropriately flatten. If you're washing by hand, don't wring out your clothes after washing, but leave some water on them so they won't shrink as much as they would if they were exposed to the force of gravity. Also can pass the method of ironing, after pulling cotton qualitative clothings, undertake shape with iron, can let garment get again pull, return to original size next.