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How do you avoid the color of a denim suit?

Dark cowboy work clothes most will have a slight drop color phenomenon, in peacetime when cleaning, what do we should be careful to pay attention to, can avoid to stop the cowboys work to fade color? Jeans must do some basic protection before washing, otherwise the denim will be washed quickly.

Avoid the first move in denim attire:
If it is to buy back the water for the first time, the need to pour some vinegar in the water, soak for about half an hour at the same time to turn the pants over, used to lock the color, because the brunet pants is bound to have a little rub off, and white vinegar can make that kind of blue color to keep the original luster.

Avoid the second move in denim attire:
Please don't use hot water soak pants, that would have greatly shrink phenomenon, average water temperature in 30 degrees or so, if possible, please don't use the washing machine wash denim overalls, that will destroy the feeling of a fold pants, grey trousers, pants of the body's natural grinding white also can become not natural. Don't iron, keep your pants natural.

Avoid the third tip for denim overalls:
Always remember to turn it in and wash it in the wash to reduce the fading. If the denim work is not greasy or other especially nasty, use as little detergent as possible, even if you can wash water.

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