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Factory supply great fabric mens coveralls

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on:2018-11-05
Overalls were originally made of denim, but they can also be made of corduroy or chino cloth. Overalls were invented in the 1890s by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis at Levi Strauss & Co., but they went through an evolution to reach their modern form. Initially only used for protective clothing in work settings, they have become a garment of high fashion as "potential cult items".

In 1911, Harry David Lee made the first bib overalls, made of pants with pockets sewn to a shirt with a bib and with straps over the shoulders. This turned into the Lee Union-All in 1913. The Union-All consisted of dungarees sewn to a work shirt. It had many pockets, cuffed sleeves and legs, and a wide collar. It was very popular with workers, and was also worn by women and children.

During World War II, women assumed men's factory jobs since the men were off at war. Their loose-fitting clothes were deemed dangerous in factory conditions, leading to women adopting men's work clothing. This was controversial, though, since many men were still uncomfortable with the idea of women wearing pants, and especially with them wearing overalls in public, outside of the factory. A commonly recognized image featuring overalls (more specifically, Union-Alls) is that of Rosie the Riveter, from a 1943 poster used to boost workers' morale.

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