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Cargo Pants Fabric Characteristics

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2018-02-26
The bold and bold as a selling point of the tooling style, as long as the choice of bright colors or soft materials, will become mild, so as to be accepted by anyone. The overall color of the overalls can create a fresh and bright new image, although the tooling suits mostly khaki or brown line-based, but the white is not completely without. And to wear out of the biggest charm with overalls is the most important. Because the overalls do not mean blunt boring, it is important to see how you match! Khaki T-shirt, white long-sleeved shirt, under the red cotton overalls, tired of over-dark men may wish to try a bright red ; Soft tooling dress tone color is khaki chest paint stains with a piece of khakis shirt, black cotton overalls, boots, which with turtleneck sweater; khaki and twill rough with quite good, is the overall style In the essential elements. The most renegade is definitely worth a try of wear is: even the upper body wearing overalls empty, no longer have extra clothes.
Multi-pockets are the main features of the previous overalls, but now multi-pocket is no longer the only selling point, a number of pockets, seven lengths, trousers necking, tie rope, buttons, zipper and other decorative details are the new features quarter of the pants , Pleated, buckle, low waist and so the use of let us have a richer choice. The long-awaited overalls are still popular this summer, becoming the most adept at rendering the major brand designers. Trendy fabrics, colorful embellishment and bright colors, overalls to its rate really, charming fashion leaderboard.

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