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What is the role of work clothes and uniforms

Worker clothes refer to protective clothing worn by workers during work and production. The style structure, color arrangement, and choice of materials for work protection suits are designed for this purpose, and are also the personal characteristics of work protection suits that are different from other garments. Moreover, in the design of work protection clothing, safety and protection functions are the first. On this basis, the rationality and comfort of clothing form should be considered, so that the strength of attaching clothing to the human body is reduced to a minimum, thus improving work. effectiveness. According to relevant information, the scientific work clothes design can improve work efficiency by more than 20%! China Uniform Coat Coat

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Work clothes are made specifically for work. The design of workers must be based on rejecting customers, integrating professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, wear habits, etc. of color, texture, pattern, shape, conformity or other aspects Of clothing, to get the best. Design to create a new professional image for customers with rich connotation and taste.
Work clothes are made specifically for work. According to customer rejection, combining professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, wear habits, etc., color, fabric, style, shape, matching and other aspects of clothing, to get the best design, Rich and taste.
In fact, wearing work clothes has a kind of mentality that seems to play, that is, it works now, all the things you have to do with the work will be taken, all the outside is not boring to remember, you have to dedicate yourself to coming to work. This type of mentality seems to be the most important and necessary. We are not very comfortable when we go home to put our sleeping clothes on, or lie down or lie down, but if you wear an evening suit, will you remain casual? There are many other types of psychology. For example, post-work invoices are often not necessarily necessary to attend, but tell them that after the card is activated, you will be transferred to working hours. There are also office chairs, office supplies, etc., which they all seem to play.