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principles of workwear design

1.pertinence:First workwear design principle is clearly pertinence: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, the same company in different positions, different positions of the same gender identities and so on. Design targeted at different points summed Why do people wear. Wear time worn place. Why wear. What to wear.

What people wear, in a narrow sense means within a predetermined time to serve their own place to go to work or engage in official activities of some people, in a broad sense refers to a part of the consumer group is divided more uncertain after. This "man" performance in the workwear as a group. A part of the A-class, its operating characteristics. Individual and group style. Physiological and psychological needs political and economic status. Literacy, etc. As for the specific design requirements and different.

Time and place is the professional environment and small environmental factors, time has seasons, day and night do not, the place is as small regional environment of the environment and specific work time.


Economy: In addition to a small number of expensive workwear, such as specific ceremonial clothing Special clothes, most of which requires a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is the choice of fabrics and design styles grade of difficulty the complexity of the production process and other aspects of comprehensive phase. ratio.

Under the same premise of beauty and function, design clothes as much as possible to reduce costs and focus from the style. Materials produced by difficulty. Clothing structure fine place.

3 aesthetic: aesthetic workwear decided by the clothing of the spirit

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