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pants and shirt supplier china,cotton work suit wholesale

Suit or suits may refer to: Suit (clothing), a set of clothing with matching pieces, including at least a coat and trousers Suit (cards), one of four groups

Suit (suit) means a well-designed, complete shirt and pants or shirt and dress matching, or matching coat and shirt. There are two-piece dress and three-piece with vest. Usually it can be consists of the same color or material consistent modeling style clothing, pants, skirts and other match is made. It is well known that name work suit after the jacket to distinguish different species.matching clothing can be made with the same color material tailoring. But in recent years it is not the same color is also useful for tailoring the material. But styling requirements are basically the same between sets, color coordinated, giving the impression is neat, harmony and unity. In this multi-use Workplace way they dress.

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