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how to keep our work clothes?

Knowing how to keep our favorite work clothes, this is a very important question, and now more and more office workers, at this time, need to have their own work clothes. And the work clothes at this time should reflect the culture of the company or the company.

The key is to understand the culture of your company first. If it is summer, it is sure that the fabric is more expensive. So it is necessary to protect good, still can let us to wear longer, so the first is no exposure, if the sun, we work clothes will broke quickly, and if is light color department, and then don't rub off clothes washed together, these are all common save the uniform of some of the key.

It is very good for us to protect our work clothes. And then we'll make the work clothes that we've made to order and stay with us all the time. Overalls insect-resistant is very important, if you also like your dress, and loves his work, it is necessary to do well in the protection problem of the clothes. Overalls order, at the time of collection, must will all washed all the dust, and then you can put some more ventilated place to dry, it can prevent some bugs to destroy our work clothes.
I hope that you can take care of your work clothes, you can refer to the above aspects!!!