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how to choose T shirt fabric?

Most of the summer overalls are made of shirts or T-shirts, among which the fabrics of T-shirt summer overalls are generally made of mercerized cotton fabric, pure cotton fabric, pure cotton double-silk work shirt

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1, mercerized cotton fabric

   The mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton as a material, and is finished into a high-yarn yarn by fine spinning, and then processed into a high-quality mercerized yarn which is bright, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant by special processing such as singeing and mercerizing. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this material not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of the original cotton, but also has the usual luster of the silk, the fabric feels soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and the elasticity and the drape are good; in addition, the pattern is rich and comfortable to wear. Casual, fully reflects the high-end temperament and grade.

2, cotton fabric

   Casual T-shirts usually use pure cotton fabrics. The T-shirts of this fabric are comfortable to wear, but they are slightly stiffer. Simple wrinkles, easy to deform after launching.

3, cotton double silk fabric

   Pure cotton double-silk cloth is a pure cotton product of “double-burning and double-filament”. It is made of singeed and mercerized mercerized yarn. It is cited as CAD computer-assisted drawing system and CAM computer-assisted production system. The flower fabric is painted, and after the scouring and mercerizing of the grey fabric, a series of woven fabrics are produced to produce a high-grade knitted fabric with a clear cloth texture, novel flower pattern, bright luster, smooth hand feeling, and better than mercerized cotton. First, but because of the two sequins, the offer is slightly more expensive.