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effective "decoration work clothes" decontamination tips

most effective "decoration work clothes" decontamination tips


   Washing renovation work clothes, the most easily contaminated paint glue and colloidal pigment stains, works should have the same feeling, that is this kind of stains with automotive industry work clothes stained with oil as, it is difficult to remove. Today, the Wuhankinglong wear overalls to introduce special recipe decontamination coup, to help everyone easily wash clothes decoration!


Tip one: all-purpose adhesive stain removal 

   When washing clothes stained with all-purpose adhesive, you can use acetone or water droplets on a banana gum stains, use a scrub brush constantly repeated, until softened glue stains off from the fabric, then rinse. One can not be repeated brushing several times, and finally can wash. However, the cellulose acetate fiber fabrics do not use this method to avoid damage clothing fabrics, and suggest that you carefully read the washing instructions when purchasing uniforms overalls to avoid losses.


Tip two: white latex stains removal

   White is a kind of synthetic resin emulsion, polyvinyl acetate emulsion. It is characterized by the addition of nylon and the like, the vast majority of fiber quality materials have the role of bonding, so it can be firmly adhered to the work clothes. It also has a characteristic that can be dissolved in a variety of solutions. We use it to find out the characteristics of the removal method. Available 60 degrees liquor or 8:2 alcohol (95%) and water mixture, immersion suits the white latex stains, about soak for half an hour, you can scrub with water, until the cleaning so far. At last, and then rinse with water.


Tip three: gum stain removal

   Clothes stained with chewing gum stains, can be removed with a raw egg glue on the surface of clothes, and then wipe the loose grains remaining points one by one , and then wash in the soap solution, and finally rinse with water. If clothes can not wash in water, carbon tetrachloride can be applied to remove the residual contaminated fluid. This applies not only to move the decoration work clothes, water-stained clothes can also be used!


Tip four: glue stains remove

   If the uniforn contaminated with stains like glue stains, can use the work clothes pollution soaked in warm water, when stains are dissolved in water, and then hand rub, until the stain all rub out so far, then wash it again then warm detergent solution. Finally, ,rinse with water .


Five coup: watercolor stain removal

     Painting with watercolor in order to increase the fastness of the coloring, the pigment is added an appropriate amount of a water-soluble gum. When contaminated overalls on watercolor stains, the first step is to use hot water to dissolve and remove gum stains, use detergent or ammonia light bleaching, and finally rinsed with water. Note that the white overalls available hydrogen peroxide bleaching, while washing clothes together in order to prevent a multicolor led to mutual infection, it is recommended dark clothing and light-colored clothing should be washed separately.


  Does everyone get the tips mentioned above? In fact, as long as the right methods are chosed , decoration work clothes cleaning also did not so difficult as imagine; In addition, we recommend that you buy clothes at the time, try to choose dirt resistant, oil resistant and waterproof, washable and quick drying clothes so that it is easier to clean it up!