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china work uniform manufacturer,cotton work suit direct factory

work suit occupies the leading place in people's daily life and represents the characteristics of international and democratic fashion. The classical suit has the specific differences in construction in every country, facture and colour preferences, and also in wearing manner.

The formation of classical men’s style in Ukraine was influenced by the famous modeler Mihail Voronin. His life line started from the simple cutter at atelier to the president of concern named «Voronin», he suggested the suit models, which were suitable for any figure, and suit well for people of different posture, stoutness, height. Looking for suit constructions, which would be most appropriate for the dynamic way of life of Ukrainian people, climatic specific of the region, cultural specific, the master leaned on English and Italian suits. The article highlights the main stages of Mihail Voronin suit style formation, substantiated the correlation of style formation with tailor methods and author technologies of the master.

Accept achievements in mass production, the designer is also famous for his masterly individual orders thanks to certified vest- maquette method, which allows to make a suit without fitting. The article also includes the separate innovative strategies for trade brand promotion in Ukrainian and international market.