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china supplier work suit,cotton work uniform workwear wholsale

Daily work wear and PPE used for day to day tasks are now discussed.

Daily work wear consists of long sleeved shirt, long trousers or a one piece coverall. A jacket may be provided as an option where required. Hard hat, face shield, dielectric gloves and leather protectors, safety shoes, safety glasses and hearing protection must be used as part of the daily workwear ensemble.

Due to an incorrect perception created in some sectors that flash suits are required only in medium and high voltage applications, many low voltage workers work in panels with no arc rated protection. It is a common misconception that a non-arc rated overall will protect against an arc in a low voltage system. In order to demonstrate this point, compared the performance of common work place overalls when exposed to an electric arc. Fig. 2 shows the test rig with three samples consisting of an arcrated aramid, polyester cotton combination and cotton.

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