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Workwear manufacturing keypoint in China market

Recently, the media claims that by the impact of rising labor costs in China, the US apparel and footwear companies will be the entire Asia-Pacific region to re-planning the overall investment environment, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Vietnam will become the "change" in the The main beneficiaries. However, KPMG (KPMG) International Accounting Office recently released a study shows that the US product procurement planning will eventually be in the production speed, product quality and price balance between the current view, compared to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, China's textile industry manufacturing advantages are still more prominent.
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As early as the beginning of the year, a large number of experts and scholars in the textile industry began the US textile industry to "escape" China said that the textile industry for a time the problem of labor costs become the hot topic of the industry. But Nick Debnam, chairman of KPMG Asia Pacific, said labor costs are not the only measure of the competitiveness of countries' textile industry.
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Dinan stressed that no matter where the investment, completely avoid the challenge of wage increases is absolutely impossible. Even in India, its textile mills are up 10% per annum; Bangladesh's 2010 minimum wage has doubled. "The wage level is only a relative parameter to measure the competitiveness of labor - intensive industries, and a country 's workforce quality, infrastructure construction will determine the industry' s ultimate development potential.
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Research said that China's population size of 18 to 30 years of age is relatively stable, and China is also stepping up on the textile industry professionals training, labor quality and therefore a corresponding increase. Although China's rapid economic development, rising wages has become an inevitable fact, but China's labor quality and productivity level is far superior to India, Indonesia and other Asian countries and other countries.
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Over the past two years, Indonesia and Bangladesh, textile and apparel and footwear exports increased significantly, such as 2010, Indonesia's footwear exports increased by 42%; benefit from the EU preferential tax rate, from January to July this year, Bangladesh textile exports growth 43% to $ 18.3 billion. But the two countries together with Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and other Asia-Pacific garment manufacturing country, its current production scale is far from being able to compete with China.

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The study pointed out that by further improving productivity and improving the infrastructure, with nine of the world's top 50 container ports in China, its "purchasing appeal" still can not shake. China's expressway and railway network construction also means that China's internal market has emerged a new development opportunities. Therefore, US investors are still optimistic about the prospects for investment in China.

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