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Work clothes stains and washing procedures

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-11-11
Workwear Common dirt is common in the washing process of dirt. Usually in the linen, fabric, they are in mixed form. By understanding the characteristics of dirt, linen, fabric materials, detergents, washing materials and scouring agent performance, washing process principle, remove the dirt is not difficult.

Second, the overalls washing washing technology applications
Water is washing the washing media, fabric washing, pre-wash, the main wash, bleach, water and a series of processes must be water.
(A), choose a good water quality to ensure the quality of washing.
1, learn to distinguish between hard water and soft water identification methods, temporary hard water and permanent hard water identification method.
2, Washing water requirements PH value: 6.5-7; Total hardness: not more than 25ppm; Iron: not more than 0.1mg / L Manganese: not more than 0.05mg / L
3, hard water softening of science 4, the use of soft water agents
(B), washing and pre-wash
Rinse and pre-wash is prepared for the main wash, washing process is the pre-processing stage. Washing is the use of water and mechanical force, as much as possible to wash the fabric of water-soluble dirt washed fabric, improve the main washing effect, reduce the amount of detergent. Prewashing prepares and provides favorable conditions for the core decontamination stage and adds an appropriate amount of detergent to promote the decontamination effect of the primary wash.
(C), the main wash
The main wash is the core of the washing process, in this process, the water as the medium, the physical and chemical detergents, washing machines and mechanical effects, and the appropriate water wet time and other factors closely, resulting in a relatively ideal decontamination Environment, so that adsorbed on the fabric of a variety of dirt stripped down, suspended in the lotion, to achieve the purpose of decontamination. This process is more complex.
(D), bleaching
Bleaching is an optional step in the fabric cleaning process, which uses bleaching agents to oxidize and reoxidize the fabric to remove dirt on the fabric, to make the white fabric more whiter, to color the fabric with vivid color. In the bleaching process, the bleaching agent not only produces strong bleaching on the fabric dirt, but also on the fabric itself to a certain degree of damage. Therefore, the bleaching process must be strictly controlled PH value, temperature, time, use and operation of the form.