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Work clothes should be designed to accommodate local culture

Work clothes are designed by the designer of the clothing company, different styles of work clothes style is from the clothing factory designer's personal style and the cultural characteristics of the enterprise, both of which are affected by the local culture, the root of the work clothes is this. Local culture is formed by the development of the traditional culture of the nation for a long time, including the common language, geography, economic life and so on. It affects the living habits and customs of the people in this place, and contains the artistic style and clothing The The culture of uniforms is also the development of local culture.

    Should pay attention to the local culture from the "root" to extract the essence, rather than some of the fur of the hunting of the copy. Mention the local, there are some design habits, such as the selection of a little traditional patterns, borrow a traditional shape, or use a traditional style of fabric, the drawbacks of these methods lies in the national character of the "graphic" on , Excellent design should be "natural to carving" the traces of natural reveal and charm, which belongs to the original design of the true meaning of art, hard to come by. Japan's famous clothing design connotation, with Japanese-style fragrance, mouse color application is also very natural and just right. Another example is the traditional Chinese "wishful cloud" pattern can be used, but it can be re-formed, combined or scattered, or only take its line of like water and so on. The traditional decorative craft embroidery, mosaic, disc buckle can be used, but the overall clothing profile, the color is modern and popular. Can use the "like and not like" "paradoxical" fuzzy design techniques are often the master of the design.

    The accumulation of local culture and local consciousness is manifested in all aspects of local art. Therefore, the local design idea of ​​the uniform can be found in all aspects of national art, such as traditional Chinese pottery, bronze, porcelain, architecture, calligraphy and painting art , The traditional humility, introspection, etiquette, subtle local personality, the traditional decorative color symbolic, etc., no one can lead to the design of uniforms suit, so that it is in line with modern aesthetic taste and appreciation, but also independence With the charm of traditional Chinese clothing culture.

    The local culture of the uniforms is not single, so it will not be expressed only in representative clothing designs. Local culture is like the culture of the Chinese, is broad and profound, not only in those people see the box, the culture of lofty, vision should naturally ambitious, no one talking about a place, can only think of a culture, although Every place has its most typical cultural representative, but it is not the only one. Just as in a particular industry, if there is only one culture, what is the difference between the different businesses in the industry?

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