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Why work clothes should have anti-static function?

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2018-01-02
Clothing power is very common in the dry climate in the more pronounced performance, especially in today's new chemical fiber fabrics continue to emerge, the phenomenon of static electricity has become increasingly prominent, giving people a lot of trouble. Static clothing not only affects the appearance of wear, but also adversely affect human health.
Static electricity is generated due to friction between two or more objects, the skin in direct contact with underwear, underwear, bras, shirts, etc. often friction with other clothes will produce static electricity. Moisture content, the higher the humidity, the faster the charge disappears; the smaller the moisture content, the lower the humidity, the slower the charge disappears. Natural fiber hygroscopicity, can absorb moisture in the air, so that the resistance of the fiber surface becomes smaller, friction generated by the static was passed away. Charge accumulation less than the energy of discharge, people will not feel the eyes open. Synthetic synthetic fibers have poor hygroscopic properties. The feeling of static electricity when wearing the most obvious. Static electricity is also a potential threat to patients who can not afford strong stimuli such as heart disease, schizophrenia and severe neurasthenia.

In addition, static electricity has a strong vacuum effect, both damage clothes, but also dirty the skin, affecting health. Especially polyester underwear, nylon socks, etc. most likely to absorb dust and dirt. They generate high levels of static discharge sparks that can cause fire and explosion if exposed to flammable and explosive gases such as gasoline, ether, oxygen, gas, liquefied petroleum gas and the like.

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