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Why the prices of same style workwear uniforms are different?

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-09-09
Whether fashion clothes or custom-made workwear uniforms, we will find the same problem when purchasing: the same style, the same look, whether electronic business platform or offline market,the prices are quite different.

For the same style, the fabric is the most important impact of the price. So some manufacturers to steal for customized uniform fabrics, shoddy, the fabric yarn, fabric weight similar replaced, not simply professionals may not find. The second way is reducing fabric technology. For example, should be the whole process, but with a half-process, non-professionals is difficult to find, except the third fabric composition, such as cotton have T / C 65/35, T / C 80/20, feel alone is difficult to distinguish, the fourth post-processing, washing should not washing to reduce costs.

We all know what is half the process, what is the whole process of it? We all know what is the needle back into it? Simply put the needle back to the beginning of fall is in the process of sewing a dress, sewn in two or cut sheet the end of the local general to go back and forth a few stitches, purpose of doing so is to make sewing clothes at becomes more solid, not easy to open. Careful people will find that we usually worn by a lot of custom-made clothing, it can look at the interface have not go a few needles? Special position in the crotch pants and shirt armpit clip bits, etc. a place, usually It has been poured back needle car law.

There are some low-quality custom uniforms, corporate purchasing relatively inexpensive when, or with the natural price is not cheap, but they work in the production of clothing, not only pitch to go very sparse, and many car should "fall back needle" where no car . When the customer receipt, and then later to employees wear, not how long it is easy to part of the case at the sewing slit tear appears.

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